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Dịch vụ fast-track

Are you bored with queuing up for hours to finalize customs procedure at the airport? Are you in a hurry for an important meeting? Or do you simply wish to be treated as a VIP guest at Vietnam airport without lifting a finger?

Now we will get rid of all your worries with the fast track service at any Vietnam international airports (Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh, Da Nang airport). With our additional special service, customs is breeze-through in less than 15 minutes and you no longer have to wait in line because our designated agent will escort you and your bags from the arrival/ departure gate through FAST TRACK immigration. Here are 3 current airport fast-track services we offer:

Vietnam Fast Track Arrival: we greet you at the arrival terminal with sign board, assist you to finish all entry immigration forms with Vietnam visa stamped without queuing at Immigration line, locate your baggage at the separate area in front of Customs and take you come out of the terminal.

Vietnam Fast Track Departure: we meet you at Vietnam airport with sign board, help you with check-in, fast track you through immigration, and take you to a lounge and/or the departure gate.

Vietnam Fast Track Connection: we fast-track your transfer between flights and terminals


Step 1: After landing, please follow the exit path leading to the visa upon arrival desk and find our representative who stands at the end of the path with a sign with your name on it.

Step 2: Give our Representative your visa approval letter, entry and exit form, passport and stamping fee for visa arrangement.

Step 3: Just wait and get your passport back.

How much do we charge you?

We charge 30 USD/ per person for Fast Track Service. However, we provide the service free of charge to children who share the same passport/travel document with the parent.

Remark: The fast-track process lasts not over 15 minutes. It is based on normal case that passengers are not involved with health control or Visa on arrival.

How can I order this service?

And please send us an email to dulichtoanphat@gmail.com mentioning your personal details including full name, nationality, passport number, date of birth, flight number and arrival/departure date and time. All these information need to be provided at least 48 working hours in advance of VIP arrival/departure. Otherwise, we cannot guarantee you are picked up at the airport.

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